Terms Of Service

Welcome to Ab[Screenwear] shop!

We use the following codes to help you navigate the world of screenwear:

A [Assembly]

B [Body]

C [Content]

S [Screen]

R [Ratio]

E [Extenisons]

E [Exterior]

N [Numbers]

Check out Ab[Codes] on Ab[Screenwear] home site or send an email to for more information.


Seasonal updates, new collection. We deem traditional fashion industry terms  - SS (Spring/Summer), FW (Fall/Winter), PS (Pre-Spring), RF (Pre-Fall or Resort) - quite obsolete. Therefore we chose a numerical approach to describe our process, i.e. Release 1, Release 2, followed by a year of the release and a descriptive - 2/17_Postmasters; 1/17_Kahn; 1/16_Marfa. Releases showcase key items/interfaces that we choose to focus on.


We exercise more playful and investigative approach to garment making with drops. Multiple drops are available within each release. We drop items in limited quantities and often as numbered edition. With drops we do what we love most - one item at a time.


Like all things screen-bound, Ab[Screenwear] is thriving on collaboration. Items are often produced as a result. They are marked as A3 and are followed by a name of a collaborator.


Our labor intensive handmade screenwear garments are made on demand. It is possible to amend the garment slightly to customer measurements. We take appointments in our Chinatown studio in New York and in the internet. You can request an appointment at garment's preview and during checkout.


Items often transition from numbered edition to waitlist. Waitlist means we'll notify you when item's re-edition is available. Joining a waitlist does not guarantee that you will receive the item.